Insect Traps

Have an insect problem that keeps bugging you? Take care of it with Kness’ insect traps, which are designed to
lure unwanted invaders in and trap them in one place. Whether you’re dealing with flies, roaches, ants or other insects,
Kness has your best defense.

The Ants-No-More® Ant Bait Station is placed outdoors by simply sticking it in the ground, or indoors by inserting it into the soil of a planter.

Use the Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap for the ultimate in glue trap pest control. The trap attracts, monitors and catches multiple mice and insects.

Stick-All® Glue Trap is a sticky solution to an unpleasant problem. This glue trap is pre-scented to attract multiple mice and insects when set. Once caught, they stay caught.

Flies-No-More™ Solar Traps are custom designed to trap house flies, cluster flies, barn flies and other flying insect pests.