Ants-No-More® Ant Bait Station

The Ants-No-More® Ant Bait Station is placed outdoors by simply sticking it in the ground, or indoors by inserting it into the soil of a planter. Place this ant trap wherever foraging ants are causing problems - around homes, buildings, near shrubs, trees, flower beds or planter boxes. Foraging ants enter the Ant Bait Station, take the bait from one of two compartments and carry it back to the nest. The Ant Bait Station eliminates the heart of the problem - the colony.

Ants-No-More® Product Sheet
Ants-No-More® Instructions
Pro Grade Performace
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								Rat Trap Product

Line up arrow on tamper-resistant lid. Push lid up and back with your thumb. Place your choice of ant bait in either or both compartments. Replace lid.

Stick Ants-No-More® in the ground anywhere foraging ants are a problem. Ants will carry bait back to the nest - eliminating the entire colony.


Snap-E Cover product in brown
  • Inconspicuously blends into environment.
Stake Design
  • Easy placement saves time.
Two Bait Compartments
  • Accommodates all types of baits.
  • User’s choice of gel, granular or liquid bait.
  • 3oz. total capacity
Interior Sliding Bait Stop
  • Reduces bait spillage.
  • Provides safety and reduces bait cost.
Tamper-resistant Lid
  • Prevents accidental opening.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Can be used in wet environments such as near indoor and outdoor sprinkler systems.
  • Baits last longer.
UV Protection
  • Protects bait attractant from UV rays so bait remains effective longer.
Bait Not Included
Informative Trap Lid
  • Identifies target pest and product.
  • Eliminates misuse.
Multiple Entry Holes
  • Increases ant movement in and out of trap.
  • Quicker elimination of ant colony.
Suggested Area for Placement
  • Any area where foraging ants are active.
  • Cracks in foundation.
  • Areas below bath and kitchen windows.
  • Air conditioning entry points.
  • Wood piles.



Stock #

Carton Size



Ants-No-More® 6 x 2 Pack


9⅛” x 7” x 9⅞”


3 lbs.

Ants-No-More® 36 x 2 Pack


21⅜” x 19” x 10¾”


17 lbs.

Ants-No-More® 12 Bulk


9¾” x 8¼” x 8¾”


3 lbs.

*Ants-No-More® 60 Bulk


16½” x 10½” x 15”


9 lbs.

*Ants-No-More® 175 Bulk


24” x 16½” x 17¾”


50 lbs.

*Professional Pest Control Sales Only


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