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Kness customers all tell us the same thing: our pest control products get the job done. If you’re on the hunt for the best rodent trap, read reviews below of satisfied Snap-E, Ketch-All, and Tip-Trap customers from across the United States.

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"This is the best mouse trap I ever used. It works great outside in the garden. I put the peanut butter in an old syringe and use it to fill the cups in the traps without spill. Thanks again for this well elaborated and easy in use product.”

- Herwig Devrieze

"Well, where to start? I recently met this wonderful woman at a convention in Las Vegas. I briefly told them about the rodent problem I had in a home I recently bought. The didn’t hesitate to give me a few samples of their amazing product and let me tell you I will NEVER go back to those “other “ traps!! These traps were so easy to set up, I didn’t catch my fingers!! Yay!! I will tell anyone that’ll listen about this amazing product and the wonderful person who changed my life!!! Steph C., thank you so much, because of your wonderful product I can live pest free!!”

- Renee Morga

"Your Snap-E® Mousetrap is great. These are very easy to set and do a great job. Thanks for a good, dependable product!”

- Larry Brown

"Thank you for an excellent product and exceptional customer service. Your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise is much appreciated as I struggle to clear out our property of nuisance mouse invasion. I will reorder the mouse Tip-Trap® Live Capture Mousetraps and multiple Pro-Ketch as needed.”

- Ellen Readio

"I caught a giant rat 4 hours after laying the Big Snap-E® Rat Trap. I was wary about another bar trap, but this one delivered.”

- Steve Breland

"This is a seasonal ritual at our house. I hear the mice move in with the cool weather and I get out the mousetraps. A tiny bit of peanut butter in the bait cup and they are caught. If I don't get all of them with the trap the rest seem to move on to safer pastures somewhere else after enough of their buddies have been killed.”

"I would like to thank your company for making the "perfect" mouse trap. I have tried at least 20 other trap brands and they have all had various degrees of success, but none work as well as yours. My daughter bought me six (6) of your mouse traps for my birthday and after setting all of these traps around two of our properties, I was amazed at the response. Best traps I have found on the market.”

- Duane Schenck

"FINALLY something that works! We live in an older house in downtown Denver and had noticed an increasingly bad mouse problem as the winter progressed. I had tried a variety of different types of traps, all of which failed to catch a single mouse. After reading the other reviews here, I decided to give the Snap-E® Mousetrap a try. Within the first HOUR the traps were out, 11 of the 12 were full. A day later, we've caught 21 mice and the traps finally seem to have stopped going (maybe we caught them all?). It's amazing to me that something so simple could benefit from a truly superb design, but the results speak for themselves. A little dab of peanut butter in the cup, and you're good to go. If you're looking for traps that will actually solve the problem, these are what you want.”

- Joshua Buckman

"Within thirty minutes or less of placing the Snap-E® Mousetrap, I had a dead mouse. I used some candy a mouse had eaten into as bait. I am ordering six more. These traps work! I have had about twenty of the old wooden ones sitting out around the house for three weeks and caught NOTHING!”

- Anne Smith

"I'm very impressed by these traps. Traditional snap traps always trigger when I am attempting to set them... they almost need to be primed "in place", as it is difficult to move them after setting them without premature snapulation. Traditional wooden traps require finesse to bait, set, and empty. The Snap-E traps solve all of these problems... The additional arm at a right-angle to the "killing" arm makes them trivial to set and to empty... And when they are set, they stay set. This makes it much easier to bait and set a number of traps at once, and then move them to the desired locations. The bait cup is fixed to the base and is easy to fill - I've had good luck with crunchy peanut butter. They seem to have sufficient power, and I have had only one trap trigger without a kill - I'll chalk that up to a particularly clever mouse. The plastic construction makes the traps easy to clean. I'm sure they won't last forever, but I really wouldn't expect them to. So far they're still going strong after many kills. I have had excellent success controlling a sudden mouse problem with these traps, and recommend them highly. In fact, this is the first product which impressed me enough to review!”

- Ian Cady

"I'm catching mice every night in my greenhouse with these Snap-E® Mousetraps. They are so easy to set that I don't even flinch any more as I reset them - they never snap while they are being set. I've tried lots of different brands of mousetraps and these are far superior to the rest.”

- Mark Parsons

"I love being able to catch multiple mice with one setup. This way I can let it sit for a couple days and catch multiples. The Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap is the best mousetrap I've found. I'll be buying several more.”

- David Benn

"The Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap is excellent and easy to use. We use it in our chicken coop and we trap mice each night. Usually 3 to 5 a night. Highly recommend of all the traps including the glue and snap type traps. We can't use poison or anything that could capture, hurt or trap our other animals on our farm. So glad this was invented.”

- DeVine Farms

"I decided to update this review since after some practice I got the hang of how these traps can work at a rate of almost 100%. We recently had returned from a week-long vacation, and when we went into the house we noticed mice had been in the laundry room, nothing unusual since we live in the country. Got two of the Tip-Trap® Live Capture Mousetraps and set them with the peanut butter bait as instructed and the following morning I had two closed traps and no mice. I checked the traps once again before setting them last night and realized that I had put too much peanut butter bait in the space provided, so the Trap had too much counterweight which caused them to close too easily. I removed most of the peanut butter bait (my mistake was using Peter Pan crunchy) and added a small amount of the creamy kind in each trap. This time I set five traps all around the house, and this morning I had four traps closed with four mice in them. I released the mice about one mile away from the house, all in the same place in the country. These traps work very well, just do not overload the trap with bait!”

- Ivan Alfredo

"I had been through several live trap mouse gadgets so I was skeptical. I read the reviews for the Tip-Trap® Live Capture Mousetrap and I decided to try....THIS PRODUCT IS UNBELIEVABLE and so easy to use. I bait the trap with a tiny bit of peanut butter and set it down....and voila....they come...LOL. The secret is not putting a lot of peanut better in there because if you do, it will tip closed. I take the mice and let them loose in a field down the street. I have never had anything this easy...and not messy at all. I highly recommend this to anyone. I am very satisfied.”

- Martha in Oklahoma