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Kness Adds Key Team Members, Expands Capabilities

Albia, Iowa (May 5, 2017) - Kness Mfg. Co., Inc. has developed quality pest control products since the company was founded in 1924. That same dedication to producing quality, innovative products continues to this day with the recent expansion of their team and manufacturing capabilities.

The industry-leading pest control product manufacturer, which is based in Albia, IA, has brought on new team members that have helped spur increased manufacturing capabilities.

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Kness Launches Corporate Rebranding Initiative

Today marked the beginning of what Kness, Mfg. Co., Inc. President Kathy Wauson referred to as ‘a new day’ at Kness Mfg. The pest control product manufacturer has launched a corporate rebranding initiative, focusing on the world-renowned quality of Kness’ pest control products, and their exclusive production process.

The Albia, Iowa, based manufacturer recently revealed their new brand and positioning - Kness Pest Defense, “Your Best Defense”, to their sales team and customers following an internal brand launch with employees. Kness leaders highlighted that every team member is an important part of their dedication to customers, as well as setting high quality standards in the industry. All Kness products are hand-tested before being packaged, and this quality is reflected in the company’s less than 1% return rate.

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