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Steps For Keeping Mice Out Of The Attic

Infrequently visited spaces such as attics can attract mice and lead to infestations if left unchecked. The Kness team has assembled some tips for keeping mice out of your attic.

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Quick Tips On How To Trap A Rat

Trapping is the safest and most effective method for controlling rats in and around homes, garages, and other structures. Rats can pose a significant health risk and damage structures and infrastructure. To manage rat problems and infestations, here are some trapping tips for a better chance of capture.

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8 Common Mouse Trapping Mistakes

So you're attempting to take care of a mouse problem. You've bought the traps, got the bait, and set everything up. But you haven't managed to get a single catch. You might ask yourself, "Has a mouse outsmarted me?" While there may be several different factors that lead to empty traps, most of the time, it's subtle mistakes in the setup process that are the culprit.

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Mice vs. Rats: What’s The Difference? 

We know that the differences between mice and rats might seem pretty self-explanatory, but there are more distinctions between these two rodents than you’d expect. And when you’re facing a rodent infestation, knowing how to properly identify what you’re up against is key to understanding how to solve a pest problem. 

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Why Are Ants Attracted To Your Home?

If there’s one pest out there that no one wants to roll out the welcome mat for, it’s ants. Tiny in size but large in numbers, ant infestations in a home can quickly get out of hand without a lot of forewarning. With over 700 different species of ants in North America alone, homeowners not only have the possibility of dealing with them as a nuisance pest but some can lead to health concerns and structural damage to the home too.

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2021: A Year of Industry and Community Support From Kness

Albia, IA (December 22, 2021) – For Kness Pest Defense, one of the focuses over the last year has been about getting back out into the community–both locally and in the pest control industry. With local events and industry trade shows opening back up to in-person attendance, the Kness team was hard at work bringing awareness to important topics through special initiatives.

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Kness Unveils Limited Edition Snap-E® Mousetrap To Help Raise Funds for Welcome Home Soldier Monument

Albia, IA (October 5, 2021) – Kness Manufacturing recently unveiled a limited edition patriotic-themed Snap-E® Mousetrap. The unique trap will help raise funds and awareness for the ambitious Welcome Home Soldier Monument project, located near the company’s home city of Albia, Iowa.

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Kness Supports Women and Brings Awareness For Breast Cancer With Pink Snap-E Traps

Albia, IA (September 29, 2021) – Kness Pest Defense has created one-of-a-kind pink Snap-E Mousetraps in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and support women in the pest control industry.

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Tips On Managing Common Pests In Late Summer

Months such as August are at the peak of activity for all sorts of animals. With pests being more active, there are bound instances where humans and pests cross paths. The Kness team will cover what the common pests for August are and what you can do to prevent infestations.

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Kness Hires Two Sales Managers

Kness Mfg. Co., Inc., an industry-leading pest control product manufacturer, is proud to announce that it's hired two sales managers to the team of dedicated professionals: Jessica Terry and Misty Little.

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How To Manage A Pigeon Infestation

Feral pigeons cost home and business owners millions of dollars in damage and expensive cleanups each year. The Kness Pest Defense team will walk you through the problems an infestation causes, signs of a pigeon infestation, and what you can do to tackle pigeon issues.

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How To Identify Termite and Carpenter Bees and The Damage They Cause

If you begin to see suspicious damage to the wood structure of your home, there could be a chance that wood-boring insects may be to blame. Although you might think that termites are the culprit, other insects can wreak havoc on wood structures. Along with termites, carpenter bees are known to damage wood. The Kness team will help you see the difference between these two types of insects and the damage they cause.

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Best Mouse Trapping Strategies

The mice are coming! The mice are coming! This is the mindset that homeowners should have, not of fear but of preparation and vigilance. Defending your home against a mouse infestation is the best way to ensure you and your family have a clean and healthy living space.

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Kness’ Ketch-All Mousetrap Captures Retailers’ Choice Award

Albia, IA (December 15, 2020) – Kness Pest Defense's world-renowned Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap has been awarded the 2020 Retailers' Choice Award by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA). Each year, this award is bestowed on standout products that are showcased at the National Hardware Show. The Retailers' Choice Committee selected the Ketch-All for the Most Innovative Item category.

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Six Ways To Help Keep Your Home Pest-Free During Winter

While we all begin to hunker down inside ahead of any frightful winter weather, rodents, insects, and other small animals are searching for shelter too. The team at Kness Pest Defense has assembled six tips to help keep your home free from pests during the snow-filled season.

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