Rat Traps

Whether you're dealing with a full-blown rat infestation or a single solitary invader, Kness pest control products help you quickly put an end to the unwelcome occupancy. Remove rampant rodents with the time-tested performance of the Big Snap-E® Rat Trap or the Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap. Count on Kness for reliable rat control - and contact us for more product information.

Big Snap-E® Rat Traps are made of durable polystyrene and steel. They resist stains and odors common in old-fashioned wooden traps, are easy to clean and can be reused for years of service. They’re safe, simple and sanitary.

The Big Snap-E® Cover keeps your traps and catches out of sight, while also making sure curious children and pets don’t disturb set traps.

The Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap is pre-scented to attract multiple rats, snakes, mice and insects. Once caught, pests stay caught. It’s easy, safe and sanitary.


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