Big Snap-E® Cover

The Big Snap-E® Cover keep traps and catches out of sight and keeps children and pets away from rodents and traps. Big Snap-E® Cover requires no chemicals and are constructed with durable ABS plastic. Easily clean and reuse for years.

The Big Snap-E® Covers are made in Germany

Inspection holes on top of Snap-E® Covers allow fast checking of traps.

Big Snap-E® Cover Product Sheet
Pro Grade Performace
SKU: 103-0-035

Big Snap-E® Rat Trap Cover Product

To remove the cover top, push the button beside the tunnel entrance. Hold the base down and lift top to open. Once traps are placed inside the cover, place bait in cup of trap and pull back on the upright bar until it locks firmly in the catch.
Place the baited Big Snap-E® Cover next to wall near pest activity. To monitor the trap, use the inspection holes on top to see if the trap has been triggered.

instructions for Big Snap-E® Rat Trap Cover

1. Simply place bait in pre-formed bait cup.

2. Place trap in cover before setting. With cover on a flat surface, pull back slowly on upright bar of trap until it locks firmly in catch. Trap is set when bar is in vertical position.

3. Pull back slightly on upright bar until rodent is released.

Snap-E® Mousetrap Cover

Our Big Snap-E® Covers are constructed of durable ABS plastic. They resist stains and odors, are easy to clean and can be reused for years of rodent control.


Hidden Trap and Catch
  • The enclosure keep traps and catches out of site.
Unique Design
    • Holes in the bottom of the tunnel allow for vertical mounting.
    • Strategically designed for placement over burrows.
    • Catch other rodents such as chipmunks, voles, and squirrels.
    • Trap utilizes two Big Snap-E® Rat Traps (traps not included).
    • Can convert to bait box.
    Blends into the Environment
    • Slim profile to fit in small areas.
    • See-through tunnel.
    Vertical Strike Bar
    • Travels just half the distance of old-fashioned wooden traps for a faster response time and a quick, clean catch.
    • Easy to set. Easy to release after use. Your fingers never touch the rodent.
    Easy Open
    • Push button open and close.(When not utilizing tamper-resistant setup)
    Tamper-Free Conversion
    • Prevents children and pets away from accessing traps.
    • Secure with zip-tie, or use the preformed screw hole to secure hinged lid.



Stock #

Carton Size

Cases Pack


Big Snap-E® Rat Trap Cover


22 1/2” x 12 5/8” x 13 1/2”


15.9 lbs.

*Professional Pest Control Sales Only


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