When it comes to effective glue traps for rats, Kness is your best defense. The Kness Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap is pre-scented to attract multiple rats, snakes, mice, and insects. Once caught, pests stay caught. It’s rat control made easy, safe, and sanitary.

Since every trap contains zero toxic chemicals, these pre-scented glue traps for rats can be placed in the home, office, and warehouse—convenient for the user and safe for the environment.

Stick-All® Glue Trap Instructions
Stick-All® Product Sheet
Pro Grade Performace
SKU: 106-0-023
								Rat Trap Product

The Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap is easy to use. Remove the protective paper and place trap near pest activity. Simply dispose of trap when full.


Snap-E® Mousetrap
Multiple Catch
  • Traps and monitors rats, snakes, mice and insects 24 hours a day.
  • Always on guard. Always set. Catches multiple rats, snakes, mice and insects.
No Moving Parts
  • Absolutely nothing to fail.
  • Reliable, dependable service.
Pre-scented Glue Trap
  • Attracts rats, snakes, mice and insects. No baiting required.
  • No poisons or dangerous chemicals. Safe for user and the environment. EPA approved.
Multiple-use Glue Trap
  • Attracts, catches and monitors rats, snakes, mice and insects.
  • Excellent pest control for home, office, warehouse, food plants, hospitals and restaurants.
Disposable Glue Trap
  • Simply dispose of trap when full.
  • Hands never touch pests. No cleanup needed. Sanitary.
Space Saving Packaging
  • Slim package design utilizes minimal storage and shelf space.
  • Quick, convenient and economical to use. Increases profitability.


Stock #

Carton Size



Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap


9” x 12” x 5”

48 Bulk

9.6 lbs.

Stick-All® Rat Glue Trap


9” x 12” x 5”

2 Pk. x 24

10 lbs.

The Stick-All® Rat glue traps are made in the USA


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