Stick-All® Glue Trap

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Glue Traps for Mice and Insects

The Kness Stick-All Glue Trap is a sticky solution to an unpleasant problem. Stick-All Glue Traps are pre-scented to attract multiple mice, and once caught, mice stay caught — it’s so easy, safe, and sanitary. So convenient to use and safe for the environment, this is one sticky mouse trap you’ll want to keep around.

Stick-All® Glue Trap Instructions
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Stick-All® Glue Trap
Stick-All® Glue Trap
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Stick All Rat Glue Trap

The Stick-All Glue Trap is easy to use. Remove the protective paper and place trap near pest activity. Simply dispose of trap when full.


Kness Stick-All pre-scented glue traps for rats

1. Peel off protective release paper, starting from corner.

2. Place pre-scented trap GLUE - SIDE UP against wall in areas of rat, mice, snake or insect activity.

3. Simply dispose of the used glue trap.

Stick All Rat Glue Trap Product
Multiple Catch
  • Traps and monitors rats, snakes, mice and insects 24 hours a day.
  • Always on guard. Always set. Catches multiple rats, snakes, mice and insects.
No Moving Parts
  • Absolutely nothing to fail.
  • Reliable, dependable service.
Pre-scented Glue Trap
  • Attracts rats, snakes, mice and insects. No baiting required.
  • No poisons or dangerous chemicals. Safe for user and the environment. EPA approved.
Multiple-use Glue Trap
  • Attracts, catches and monitors rats, snakes, mice and insects.
  • Excellent pest control for home, office, warehouse, food plants, hospitals and restaurants.
Disposable Glue Trap
  • Simply dispose of trap when full.
  • Hands never touch pests. No cleanup needed. Sanitary.
Space Saving Packaging
  • Slim package design utilizes minimal storage and shelf space.
  • Quick, convenient and economical to use. Increases profitability.