Frequently Asked Questions

Handling unwanted guests isn't easy. That's why we're here to help you every step of the way with any questions you might have to help you tackle the problem. Look below to see our general FAQ, or select a catagory of pests to help narrow down the answers you're looking for.

General Questions

How do pests get into homes?

Pests enter through cracks and crevices around windows, doors, along foundations, ripped screens, uncapped chimneys, and through holes where utilities enter a structure.

Where are pests most likely to make their ‘home’?

Once a pest finds its way into a structure, it will often make its "home" in kitchens or bathrooms or other rooms where food and water are readily available.

Should I keep my pet away from set traps?

While some of our traps like the Ketch-All are enclosed and safe around household pets, we have a few traps that pets should stay away from for their safety (Kness Stick-All and Snap-E Mousetrap). Also, since many rodents carry illness and disease, it is best to keep household pets and children away from enclosed traps.

Does Kness Pest Defense offer more than just the normal mousetrap?

Yes, Kness Pest Defense actually offers traps for birds, badgers, snakes, weasels, chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, and more!

Where can I purchase Kness Pest Defense products?

Here is a list of distributors for Kness Pest Defense.

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