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Is it illegal to trap birds?

Our Kage-All trap is designed and produced for pigeon and sparrow catch and release. While there are no laws that prevent you from using the Kage-All, make sure to follow the instructions of the Kage-All to trap the bird safely and successfully.

How do I set a live bird trap?

The setup process is simple for the Kness Kage-All® Bird Trap. You can find instructions for the trap set up on the Kness Trap Instructions page.

Where should I place a live bird trap?

You should place the bird trap in areas frequented by the target pest.

What bait should I use for a live bird trap?

The type of bait you use varies depending on the bird you’re trying to capture. You can find a bait list for target pests such as pigeons, sparrows, and more by downloading the Kage-All instructions.

Where do I place bait in a live bird trap?

Prepare your trapping site by putting bait where you will place the trap a few days before placing the trap. When you are ready to catch the birds, place a small amount of bait leading to the entry and a large amount of the bait inside the trap.

How often should I check my live bird trap?

Once trapped, an animal can become stressed in a confined setting. It is best to check your live bird trap multiple times a day or at least once daily. There is always the potential that you could capture a non-target animal while the pest is flying free.

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