Find a better mousetrap with Kness pest control products. From our famed “World’s Best Mousetrap”, to highly effective snap, glue, and live traps for mice, our pest control products will help you handle your rodent invasion.

Operates just like the Ketch-All®, only smaller. The Mini-Mouser® works efficiently, with the ability to catch multiple mice in one setting. Without the use of harmful chemicals or bait, this simple no-kill mousetrap will have the whole nest trapped.

The live catch mouse trap that started it all: the “World’s Best Mousetrap.” Our Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap requires no bait, is always properly set, and automatically resets after every catch, giving you the peace of mind that comes with constant protection.

Our Snap-E® Mousetrap is truly the best mouse trap, because unlike old-fashioned wood traps, Snap-E is simple to set, clean, and can be reused over and over again.

The Snap-E® Cover is uniquely designed for rodent control in common areas and is available in four colors and are paintable. This cover keeps traps and catch out of sight, while also making sure curious children and pets don’t disturb set traps.

The Pro-Ketch® Multiple Catch Mousetrap is always properly set, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you always have protection. The Pro-Ketch’s low-profile also helps it slide into the tightest spaces.

Just like the Pro-Ketch®, our Pro-Ketch® Junior Multiple Catch Mousetrap is always set, and its "tunnel-on-top" design allows for faster and easier cleaning, saving you time and money.

Use the Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap for the ultimate in glue trap pest control. The trap attracts, monitors and catches multiple mice and insects.

Stick-All Glue Traps are a sticky solution to an unpleasant problem. So convenient to use and safe for the environment, this is one sticky mouse trap you’ll want to keep around.

The smallest of our live catch mouse traps, the Tip-Trap® is designed for residential and commercial use. So easy to bait, set, and release your catches, the Tip-Trap® is undoubtedly our safest and simplest pest control product.


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