Mini-Mouser® Multiple-Catch Mousetrap

Operates just like the Ketch-All®, only smaller. The Mini-Mouser® works efficiently, with the ability to catch multiple mice in one setting. Without the use of harmful chemicals or bait, this simple no-kill mousetrap will have the whole nest trapped.

Mini-Mouser® live-catch traps are made in the USA.

Pro Grade Performace
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								Snap-E® Rat Trap Product

Place the Mini-Mouser® trap 11⁄2” to 2” away from and parallel to the wall, with either entrance hole facing the wall. The trap may also be placed with either end flush to the wall. The Ketch-All® live catch mouse trap uses a mouse’s natural curiosity as bait. Once a mouse enters either side of the tunnel opening, the hair-trigger activates the paddlewheel, and the mouse is “spanked” into the cage compartment. Trapped mice attract other mice to the trap, and soon, the whole family of mice will be trapped with no bait, no mess, and no poisonous chemicals, thanks to this simple catch-and-release trap.

TO EMPTY: Simply slide back the top lid and pull up the end plate.
TO REUSE: After 5-6 catches, rewind the trap 6-8 full (360°) turns.

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										Snap-E® rat trap

Quality construction. Made from durable galvanized steel for years of use.


Multiple Catch
  • Trap will continue to catch mice as long as it is properly wound.
  • Trapped mice attract other mice to the trap.
Unique Design
  • No harmful chemicals, baits or poisons. Safe for user and the environment.
  • Appeals to mouse's harborage instincts.
  • No possible contamination of products in production areas.
  • For a properly wound trap, simply wind the knob 6-8 times.
  • Trap equalizes sensitivity for trapping mice of all sizes.
  • No need to unwind or reset traps—catch multiple mice without having to empty the trap.
Removable Lid
  • Easy to clean for greater sanitation.
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