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Challenges Facing Pest Management Professionals


Challenges Facing Pest Management Professionals

Albia, IA – Let’s be honest. Pests don’t tend to make it easy on home or business owners, or on the pest control professionals hired to eliminate them. In fact, there are a number of challenges that pest management professionals (PMPs) face in their day-to-day activities.

Health Risks

Not only are pests such as rodents and cockroaches unwanted, but they can also be a carrier for a plethora of health risks such as Salmonella and Hantavirus, or trigger asthma and allergies. It is integral that businesses invest in regular pest control practices to help protect employees and customers.

Impact on Business

In regards to the impact on retail business, pests can cause issues in addition to property damage. If not managed properly, pest infestations can upset supply chains, whether in storage or waiting to be transported. Let’s not forget that pests spotted in a retail location create an unpleasant experience for customers and business owners and could wind up affecting sales.

Time & Technology

The construct of time applies to everyone, of course, but in this specific scenario, PMPs can spend a lot of time checking traps at various locations. New technologies have been developed to help cut down on time spent ‘making the rounds’ by connecting electronic monitoring devices to mechanical traps. These devices, when sensors are triggered, send notifications to professionals to alert them of activity. 

Product Quality

Quality products sell themselves. There’s a reason PMPs stick with certain pest control products and that’s because they work. Pest professionals may be loyal to brands due to their proven track record, lineup of products offered, and/or service they are provided. PMPs typically work with distributors or directly with the manufacturer to ensure they are receiving the product(s) they signed up for, and not a cheap knock-off. 

Kness Pest Defense’s line of pest management products boasts a less-than-one-percent return rate. This alone has kept customers coming back for more. "Kness has been quietly making quality pest control products in the USA for many years,” says Ken Gladen with Plunkett's Pest Control. “Where we could buy a similar cheap product from overseas, we prefer to stay with Kness quality products.”

Kness, an Iowa-based manufacturer, created the industry’s first multiple-catch mousetrap, the Ketch-All®. The nearly 100-year-old company offers an entire line of pro-grade products that professionals utilize as part of their integrated pest management plans.

Those interested in Kness’ line of pest control products and pest control operators that carry Kness can find a comprehensive list on the company’s website. Is this article useful? You can find more valuable pest information and solutions at


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