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Keep Pests Out of the Office

Kness Clean OfficeEvery day it is a team effort to keep a business on the path of success. The same thing can be said for preventing rodents, bugs and other pests from invading the office. When everyone in the company is on board with keeping up a clean work environment, it can boost overall productivity while saving time and money dealing with major pest problems down the road. Here are some helpful tips that anyone can use in their daily office routine. If pests are already an issue in the office, Kness Pest Defense offers a wide range of solutions to help eliminate pest problems.

Being Mindful of Food

While name labels on your food may keep your co-workers at bay, pests will take advantage of any opportunity to get food. Keeping up a sanitary workspace is key to eliminating the possibility of pests. If you’re having a snack at your desk, don’t leave food wrappers or containers lying around and make sure to clean up crumbs. After eating in the office cafeteria or break room, make sure to clean dishes and containers. Limiting the number of available food sources is a great way to prevent rodents and insects from moving in.

Don’t Overwater Plants

The unassuming office plant not only makes the space more inviting to customers but can also attract gnats and other insects. Overwatered plant soil can create a breeding ground for insects. While gnats are essentially harmless, they can impact productivity to the point where employee’s work gets interrupted by bugs buzzing around their face. One tip is to research what types of plants you have and how often they need watering.

Organize Papers & Boxes

Another overlooked facet of office life, where pests might flourish, are stacks of paper and cardboard boxes. The material provides great cover for rodents and cockroaches to hide and build homes. Cockroaches can easily make a home inside corrugated cardboard boxes. Make sure to organize and store papers in file cabinets, binders, plastic boxes or folders. If you are storing papers or other items in cardboard boxes, make sure to keep them off of the ground.

Move the Dumpster

Dumpsters can cause a big issue with attracting unwanted pests. It is recommended that dumpsters be placed around 50 to 100 feet away from the closest door from the building. Investing in a lock to secure the dumpster lid is a great way to ensure rodents and other small animals can’t scrounge around for a late-night snack.

Equip Your Office with Kness Pest Defense Products

Flies can quickly become a problem around the home. Before placing mesh screens back on your windows for the season, make sure to check the screens for holes. Screen mesh repair kits can usually be found at hardware stores. Seal any gaps in windows and doors with weather stripping, and make sure to keep your home clean. Remove trash regularly and keep kitchen counters clear of food waste. If you’re dealing with a fly infestation indoors or outdoors, the Kness Stick-All® Glue Trap can help eliminate the problem. So convenient to use and safe for the environment, this is one sticky mouse trap you’ll want to keep around.


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