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Does Pest Control Matter In Winter?

Does Pest Control Matter In Winter?

Albia, IA (November 7, 2023) – During the winter months, it is easy to forget about pests that may be lurking since - it’s cold out - right? Unfortunately, in the colder months, pests can still be found in the warmer areas of your home, and you can bet that they’re up to no good. The experts at Kness Pest Defense have put together the following article to help educate and arm you for the colder temperatures ahead. 

Cold weather doesn’t affect the pests already living inside your walls

While not a pleasant thought, it’s true. Creepy crawling insects such as roaches, spiders, and ants may have already made their home inside your walls. Even though you may catch a glimpse of these elusive insects occasionally, they tend to seek refuge in basements, attics, and inside walls, where they can live, for the most part, undisturbed. For the brave, it is recommended to check these areas, removing spider webs, egg cases, and nest materials to help prevent pest re-emergence when warmer weather returns. 

Rodents will seek out shelter and warmth during the winter months 

Since mice and rats don’t hibernate during winter, they will do everything in their power to find a safe, warm, cozy place to call home. For those living near rural areas and farmland, the annual harvest season can send mice scurrying to the closest homes and can make it through the smallest openings. In fact, mice can sneak their way into a hole about the size of a dime. Routine quarterly inspections of house exteriors (foundation, windows/doors, etc.) and interiors (basements, attics, closets, etc.) will help thwart unwanted guests. 

Steps you can take to pest-proof your home in the winter

While there are various ways to eliminate pests, and depending on your knowledge or adventurous spirit, you can take action to pest-proof your home:

  • Store your food (and your pet’s food) in airtight containers
  • Try not to leave pet food out overnight
  • Seal all cracks, holes, and other potential entry points
  • Check all pipes for leaks
  • Trim vegetation, plants, and trees so they are not touching your home
  • Don’t allow dishes to pile up in and around the sink 
  • Empty all dishes and contents in the sink so that there is no sitting, stagnant water
  • Keep your house clean and vacuum regularly
  • Invest in products and solutions to catch and eliminate a variety of pests

Pro-grade products from companies such as Kness Pest Defense, manufacturers of mouse traps since 1924, provide effective solutions without the use of harmful chemicals or bait. Those interested in Kness’ line of pest control products and pest control operators who carry Kness can find a comprehensive list on the company’s website or can reach out to Kness sales team members directly for more information.


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