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Best Mouse Trapping Strategies To Ensure Your Home Remains Rodent Free

Mouse On TrapThe mice are coming! The mice are coming! This is the mindset that homeowners should have, not of fear but of preparation and vigilance. Defending your home against a mouse infestation is the best way to ensure you and your family have a clean and healthy living space. Just like any bold campaign, it takes a well-devised strategy to ensure you're able to secure the homefront against these small furry invaders. The Pest Defense team at Kness has put together some of the best battle-hardened strategies to help you drop the proverbial hammer on these mouse-eared marauders.

Choose Your Traps Wisely

With the availability of various traps, such as multiple catch mouse traps, live traps, and snap traps (to name a few), you have several different choices when going on the offensive. Each trap has its attributes.

Multiple Catch Mousetraps

Multiple catch mousetraps provide a catch-and-release option to taking care of mice problems. Kness' Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap is specially designed to use a mouse's natural sense of curiosity as the bait instead of chemicals or food. The trap has a tunnel entry-point that draws mice in. When the rodent steps onto a pressure-sensitive trigger in the tunnel, a paddlewheel thrusts the mouse into a cage compartment.

When setting up the Ketch-All trap, place the trap about 1 1/2 to 2 inches away from the wall with the tunnel openings facing parallel to the wall. The trapping mechanism should be active for around 10 to 12 captures before needing to be wound up again but check the trap routinely to see if any mice have been caught. 

Live Traps

Live traps like the Kness Pro-Ketch and Pro-Ketch Junior can also catch multiple mice. This trap also works by using entry holes to take advantage of mice's curiousness. Place the Pro-Ketch flush against a wall or structure with the entrance holes facing the mice's possible pathway. 

Snap Traps

Snap traps are among the most tried and true ways of catching mice. The Kness Snap-E mousetrap is made with durable plastic, has a large trip paddle, fast-acting strike bar, and a bait cup. To increase the likelihood of capture, use multiple snap traps and place them around 2 to 3 feet apart from each other with the bait and trip paddle facing the wall where the mice pathway is suspected to be.

Lure Them In With Enticing Bait

There are plenty of ways to bait your snap traps, but some baits work better than others. Contrary to popular belief, cheese is one of the least effective baits to put in a trap. A highly effective food-based bait is plain-old peanut butter. Mice also have a hankering for fried bacon, salami, oatmeal, and chocolate. Whichever one you choose, you only need to place a tiny morsel of the food on the snap trap pressure plate. Now don't just set it and forget it. Be sure to replace the bait every now and then to entice the mice with fresh bait. 

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