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Six Ways To Help Keep Your Home Pest-Free During Winter

Ants on PavementWhile we all begin to hunker down inside ahead of any frightful winter weather, rodents, insects, and other small animals are searching for shelter too. The team at Kness Pest Defense has assembled six tips to help keep your home free from pests during the snow-filled season.

1. Inspect the Foundation

Exposed areas around the foundation are some of the most vulnerable spots for pests to enter the home. Mice can fit through holes and crevices as small as 1/4 inch wide. Make it a routine to check the foundation for cracks and gaps. If any are found, seal them up right away.

Any sizable gaps between the house foundation and siding can be filled by stuffing copper mesh (scrubbing pads) in the hole and sealing it off with foam or caulk (rodents prefer not to chew through the metal mesh). 

2. Seal Exterior Vents

As mentioned before, rodents can move through some tiny spaces. Exterior vents offer an enticing opportunity for pests to access the inside of your home quickly. Cover dryer vents, chimneys, and attic vents with the proper screening.

3. Reduce Clutter: Both Outside and Inside

Decluttering before winter significantly reduces the number of places pests can hide and seek shelter from the cold. For outside-related items, be sure to put away lawn furniture and store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. Belongings stored inside should be kept in plastic containers and set on racks/shelving off of the ground.

4. Eliminate Areas of Moisture

Insects can easily survive during winter if they find an area inside that has moisture nearby. Inspect the piping throughout your home. Check underneath sinks for leaks and quickly fix any areas where water is found.

General tip: don’t store materials such as paper bags underneath sinks. If you do end up ever having a leaking sink, it can provide the perfect habitat for cockroaches to establish themselves in the home. The paper material can also easily soak up leaking water and hide the fact that a water problem is present.

5. Check Window Wells

An area of the home that can be readily overlooked is the window well. If your property has window wells installed, these hollowed-out access points can be a haven for pests. Being deep-set below ground level, they can collect debris and plant material that has blown around, provide relief from bitter-cold winds, and can accumulate moisture.

With that in mind, be sure to check your window wells and clean out any unwanted material. If there is standing water in the well, add pea gravel for drainage. Consider installing window well covers that will provide that space a tight seal from the outside elements and pests.

6. Deploy Traps

As a precaution, set up mousetraps and rat traps along the walls since rodents prefer to travel next to walls for protection. For rodents, Kness has a complete line of snap trap and live catch trap solutions. Kness also has you covered for insects too–with innovative, easy-to-use products

For more information about defending your home from insects, rodents, and other pests, visit to see a wide range of effective pest control solutions.


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