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Kness Announces Leadership Transition

KathyAlbia, IA (August 6, 2020) - Kness Pest Defense, an industry leader in pest control products, is announcing the transition of leadership roles within the company. On July 30th, Kathy Kness- Wauson officially retired from the day-to-day operational responsibilities as President of Kness Pest Defense after leading the company for 34 years. Effective on that same day, the board appointed Kness General Manager, Dan Crew, to oversee the company's operations. This shift represents the first time in the company's 96-year history that a non-Kness family member has been selected to direct Kness Pest Defense..

"This transition is a significant step for the company moving forward," said Kathy Kness-Wauson. "While it's a changing of the guard, per se, the company's day-to-day operations will continue being lead by someone who holds the company's Midwest values and commitment to excellence that has propelled Kness to being the industry standard when it comes to pest control products. And that someone is Dan Crew."

Kness-Wauson will continue to be very much a part of the company, still serving as President of the company and its Board of Directors. Her years of insight and experience with the industry will provide added guidance as Kness Pest Defense starts its next chapter. Dan Crew's transition to his new role is expected to be swift, as he has been involved with overseeing daily operations of manufacturing while creating and implementing strategies for growing the company over the last year as General Manager.

"It is a great privilege and honor to be selected to take up the mantle for daily operations," said Dan Crew. "I stand committed to pushing the envelope of what Kness is capable of producing when it comes to creating top-tier pest solutions for all of our customers while reinforcing the company's welcoming culture of compassion, motivation, and respect.

"We are beyond proud to have Dan on the team," continued Kness-Wauson. "His drive to provide our customers with high-quality, pro-grade products follows the same spirited determination instilled by our company founder."

Along with his time at Kness Pest Defense, Crew brings 31 years of manufacturing experience and a fresh eye to the pest control industry's needs. He is well versed in the necessary functions of a successful manufacturing business. Most notably, with lean production methodology, as he is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional. Before Kness, Crew's career in manufacturing began as a production worker and moving his way up from acting foreman, production scheduler, data control specialist, senior site purchasing agent, and finally, as a process control technician. Kness Pest Defense is in more than capable hands for a strong and prosperous future in the pest control industry.

Kathy Kness-Wauson presided over three decades of rapid company growth and expansion. She was a third-generation Kness family member tasked to run the company; granddaughter of Austin "Brick" Kness, inventor of the Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap and founder of Kness Manufacturing Company. Appointed to the helm in 1986, Kness-Wauson and her team brought dozens of new and innovative products to the pest control markets here in the U.S. and internationally.

Today, the Kness line of pest control solutions help pest professionals and homeowners alike manage problems with rodents, small animals, insects, and birds. From game-changing products like the Pro-Ketch® Multiple Catch Mousetrap and Snap-E® Mousetrap to the Kness Avian Away™ Solar-Powered Bird Deterrent and KritterSense™ Remote Monitoring System, Kness is poised to continue innovating just like they always have.

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