Kness Avian Away™ Solar-Powered Bird Deterrent

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Kness Avian Away™ is a wind-propelled bird deterrent that utilizes solar-powered LED lights that effectively scares birds away.

The patented multi-angled reflective fins flash light while spinning, confusing pest-birds and causing them to leave the area.

LED lights beam onto the spinning fins at night, making the Kness Avian Away™ a must have for 24/7 pest prevention.

Kness Avian Away™ Product Sheet
Kness Avian Away™ Solar-Powered Bird Deterrent
Kness Avian Away™ Solar-Powered Bird Deterrent
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Big Snap-E® Rat Trap Product

For best results, use in an area with applicable winds and plenty of sun. Use the 4 preformed holes to anchor to surface or use the included PVC pipe attachment kit to mount, giving you plenty of options for best placement.

Avian AwayPro Grade Performace

Durable polystyrene construction. Easy to clean and user friendly.


Unique Design
  • Two multi-angled opposing spinning reflectors.
  • Two reflective colors for a more effective deterrent.
  • Simple and easy to use.
Solar Powered
  • LED lights last all night and charge all day.
  • No need for power hookup.
Dual Mounting Options
  • Anchor to surface with screws (anchoring screws not included).
  • Use PVC pipe attachment kit (kit screws included).
Built-in LED lights
  • Lights switch on in dark to continue reflecting light, keeping birds from roosting.
ABS Plastic and Steel Construction
  • Durable. Easy to clean. Resists stains and odors.
  • Economical and reusable for years of service.



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Kness Avian Away™


25 1⁄4” x 17 1⁄4” x 15 1⁄4”


16.5 lbs.

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