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Reliability: The Backbone of Kness Products

Kness Product OfferingsAlbia, Iowa (June 26, 2019) - Kness Manufacturing has been building innovative pest defense products for more than 95 years. During that time, Kness has established itself as one of the most reliable brands in the industry. The reliability stems from the company’s pursuit of supplying customers with the highest-quality pest control products. Kness’ product reliability is evident in their pro-grade performance, built-in quality, hand testing, and return rate.

Kness pro-grade performance is the company’s promise; a promise that the products are aimed to improve and protect the customers’ quality of life. Each trap comes with a 1-year warranty and pledges that the traps are simple to use, built to perform, and are hand tested.

All Kness traps are made right here in the United States and have unparalleled built-in quality. Meaning, these products are constructed with top-grade materials. One primary example is the company’s flagship product, the Ketch-All ® Multiple Catch Mousetrap. This tried and true solution to catching multiple mice is made with galvanized steel, which proves to be durable and long-lasting.

The company takes pride in conducting rigorous quality control. Kness products are hand-tested at the production facility. Having such a meticulous control process ensures that customers receive traps that will work time and time again. This dedication goes to show that Kness doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality.

Return rates are one metric used by Kness to evaluate the reliability of its products. Currently, Kness traps have a return rate of less than 1%. The company is proud of this statistic, as it shows a level of great satisfaction customers have for Kness pest products.

“We are extremely proud of our company’s product reliability,” said Kathy Kness-Wauson, President of Kness Manufacturing. “It has always been our philosophy to build high-quality pest control solutions that produce results for our customers.”

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