Kness Unveils Visual Bird Deterrent Product

Kness Unveils Visual Bird Deterrent Product

Disclaimer: As of 2022, Kness Pest Defense no longer produces Kness Avian Away. Explore Kness’ other Bird Trap solutions.

Avian Away Product ImageALBIA, Iowa (January 10, 2020) — Kness Mfg. Co., Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of pest control products, is excited to announce Kness Avian Away™, a revolutionary product aimed at deterring birds from congregating or nesting in unwanted places. This product continues Kness’ tradition of pest control innovation and fresh ideas.

Kness Avian Away solar-powered bird deterrent uses several unique features to scare off unwanted birds. With brightly-colored fins and LED lights, the product design is displeasing to birds. Two rows of angled fins spin in opposite directions, combining with the sun’s reflection during the day to create an unwelcoming experience for the flying animals. In low light, Kness Avian Away’s solar-powered LED lights are activated, ensuring 24/7 defense against birds.

Designed with multi-colored fins, this bird deterrent spinner repels multiple bird species. With gold and silver coloring, the flashy colors help drive the feathered creatures from yards, gardens or other outdoor areas. Light from the sun (or LED lights at night) points to and reflects off of the fins, creating an effect that deters birds from landing without the need for loud noises or bulky traps.

This product joins Kness’ broad array of existing pest control offerings, which range from insect solutions to small animal traps. In business for more than 95 years, Kness continues to push forward and release new innovations that join the ranks of its other popular and effective products such as the Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap — frequently billed as the “world’s best mousetrap.”

“We are excited to introduce the Kness Avian Away, which allows our customers to deter unwanted birds in a safe, easy and unobtrusive way,” said Kness President Kathy Wauson. “We are always looking to bring the highest quality solutions to those who use our pest control products, and this solar-powered bird deterrent helps us do just that.”

While the Kness Avian Away is most effective on rooftops (i.e. barns/sheds, parking garages, businesses, etc.), the deterrent can also be mounted on a flat surface or attached to a half-inch conduit pole (not included). For more information about Kness Avian Away™ solar bird deterrent and other Kness products, browse the company’s website at