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Rabbit Facts

The cottontail rabbit's habitat is wherever there is long grass or brush to serve as cover and an adequate food supply. Cottontails usually spend their entire lives in an area the size of ten acres or less and rarely move farther than a mile, seasonally, because of the scarcity of food supply.

The eastern cottontail rabbit is found in the entire area east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. This type of rabbit is also found in the southern parts of Canada, parts of Mexico and South America.

Cottontails are herbivores. Any living plant is potential food for them. Garden crops, flowers and ornamental plants are common targets in urban areas. In the wild, cottontails survive on a variety of vegetable material.


The presence of a cottontail is usually characterized by damage to garden plants, ornamental flowers, and shrubs.

The appearance of gnawed older woody growth, clean cut clippings of young stems, distinctive dark brown, round, pea-size droppings and tracks of cottontail identify their presence.

Rabbit Tracks

Rabbit Trapping Tips

Cottontails are relatively easy to catch alive with cage traps such as the Kness Kage-All® Small Animal Trap.

Set cage traps in garden and yard areas where rabbits are a problem.

Light concealment of the trap is recommended. Set the Kness Kage-All® between bushes or between garden rows.

Carrots and apples make good bait for cottontail rabbits. Cut the bait into small pieces and create a trail leading into the trap, making sure the bait is visible to the animal. After the rabbit is trapped, relocate the animal a significant distance away.

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