Cat Facts

A stray cat is a pet cat that is lost or abandoned. Stray cats are accustomed to contact with people and are tame.

A feral cat is a wild animal, not to be confused with stray and free-roaming cats that are, or once were, someone’s pet. A feral cat is the "wild" offspring of domestic cats or other feral cats. Feral cats are afraid of humans. They do their very best to stay away from people.

A feral cat cannot be safely held or picked up, and they must be trapped to be safely transported. Sometimes, after a relationship is long established, caregivers may be able to touch a feral cat, but not actually pick it up.

Signs of Feral Cats

What are the problems associated with feral cats? A colony of unneutered/unspayed feral cats can produce a number of problems, including:

  • A growing population of cats
  • Frequent and loud noise from fighting and mating behavior
  • Strong foul odors from unneutered male cats spraying to mark their territory
  • Flea infestations
  • Transmission of feline diseases/illnesses to domestic cats
  • Suffering by dying kittens and injured adults

Trapping Feral Cats

To get rid of feral cats around the home, Kness Pest Defense offers our Kage-All® Small Animal Trap.

Place Traps in their Territory

Use a smelly bait such as tuna or mackerel. Position the trap around the feeding area, along pathways normally traveled by cats and in other nearby areas where cats are known to gather. Don't leave a trap sitting out in the open, but place it against something, such as a wall, fence or curb. Make sure the trap is resting on level ground and no objects will block the trap door from closing. Once a trap is in place, make a short trail leading to the trap door by crumbling a cat treat or dripping the juice from canned fish. When caught most cats will panic and try frantically to get out of the trap. Quickly cover the trap completely with a sheet, which should help calm the cat. Never release a cat because you're afraid it will injure itself. After a cat is caught, remove the trap (with the cat inside) to a safe location.

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