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How The Kness Ketch-All® Saves Pest Managers Time and Money

Kness Ketch-All Mousetrap for Pest Management Professionals

Here at Kness, we know pest management professionals (PMPs) have numerous clients to visit and pests to catch. And time is of the essence to ensure that pests are kept under control. Developing an effective integrated pest management plan is crucial to accomplishing results. That’s why traps such as the Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap can be an essential ally in making a pest management plan successful. It simply saves PMPs time and money. Here’s how the trap does that. 

Time-Saving Trapping Mechanism

Made with a design that has stood the test of time since 1924, the Ketch-All has an effective trapping mechanism that allows PMPs to capture multiple mice in one setting. By turning the trap's winding wheel with four to six full turns, the trap is ready to nab any mice that enter the device’s openings as long as it's properly wound. 

When fully wound, the trap is active for 10 to 12 captures. So pest management professionals can set this trap and have the peace of mind that they won’t have to reset the Ketch-All every time they make their inspection rounds.

Budget-Friendly Solution

This trap doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals, baits, or poisons in order for it to work. Instead, Ketch-All uses a mouse’s natural sense of curiosity to get the job done. There are entry holes on each side of the trap perfectly sized for mice, ensuring the target pest is captured instead of other animals. 

The simple design preys on the pest’s harborage instincts, inviting them into the trap’s tunnel towards the hair-trigger pressure plate that pushes them into the holding area. By not requiring expensive lures, the Ketch-All can be a great, budget-friendly solution for an integrated pest management plan. 

Made For Easy Monitoring 

By requiring less reset time and no bait replenishment, the Ketch-All makes monitoring pest captures easy. Since this is a live trap, there is a holding area for any trapped mice. With grates on the side of the trap, pest management professionals can rapidly check a number of Ketch-All traps. Kness offers a clear-view lid attachment for even faster monitoring, allowing operators to have unobstructed views of the trap’s holding areas, leading to reduced inspection time. 

Simple Disposal and Cleaning 

Since the Ketch-All is a live capture mousetrap, PMPs won’t have to deal as often with the mess that can sometimes come along with capturing mice. To release or dispose of mice, easy-to-empty sliding plates open up the holding area. The galvanized steel construction of the Ketch-All makes mess cleanup very straightforward. 

Accessories That Make Trap Adaptable to a PMP’s Needs

Plans for getting rid of pests are never cut and dry; the team at Kness understands that. It’s why the Ketch-All has a number of useful accessories that make the trap adaptable to a PMP’s needs. This trap can be tailored to an individual’s pest control process, from adding service labels to protector plates, trays, and more. 

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