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Fall Pest Prevention Tips and Good Habits To Keep Pests Out

Ants on PavementWhen the seasons trade a plethora of green and warm weather for cooler temperatures and a spectrum of yellow, orange, and red leaves, we know the transition from summer to winter has begun, and so do pests. Looking for shelter, food, and water in preparation for the seasons ahead, pests such as rodents, ants, ladybugs, stink bugs, flies, roaches, and other nuisance animals pose a threat to your home during the autumn months.

However, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to prepare for and prevent pest infestations during the fall season while also developing good prevention habits along the way. The Kness Pest Defense team has assembled some helpful guidelines so you can enjoy this season of change.

Pest Prevention Tips

The following tips should be a part of anyone's comprehensive checklist to prevent pests from becoming new permanent residents in a home:

  • Rake up leaves and pick up branches as rodents do not like to move across open areas where there is not material to offer cover

  • Move mulch and soil away from the house foundation, creating a barrier that dissuades insects from venturing too close to the home

  • Clean out the gutters to remove material that pests might use to make a shelter

  • Seal off doors and windows with weather stripping

  • Check the condition of your dryer vent and make sure the damper isn't stuck open, and also inspect the seal between the vent and wall to ensure there are no gaps

  • Seal any gaps in the soffits

  • Any sizable gaps between the house foundation and siding can be filled by stuffing copper mesh (scrubbing pads) in the hole and sealing it off with foam or caulk (rodents prefer not to chew through the metal mesh

  • Keep pet food in metal and plastic containers that can be sealed, so rodents have a more challenging time accessing pet food

  • Store items in sheds, garages, and basements on racks rather than on the floor

  • While moving items off of the floor, look for signs of rat or mouse droppings using a flashlight (looks like small dark pellets ranging from 1/4 inches to 3/4 inches)

  • Set up mousetraps and rat traps along the walls since rodents prefer to travel next to the walls for protection (consider looking into Kness mousetraps and rat traps)

Good Habits To Keep Pests Out

Developing a proactive mindset is essential to making sure your pest prevention efforts are reinforced. Good habits not only make your home a less ideal place for pests to take shelter; they also help prevent you from accidentally and unwillingly bringing the pests in.

Some of the more straightforward habits to adopt in your everyday routine are making sure to keep the kitchen and dining area as clean as possible. Wipe down surfaces to remove food crumbs and material that pests can use as a food source. Vacuuming and sweeping food off of the floor is a must too. Remove any standing water sources and fix leaky pipes or water fixtures.

For those who use wood-burning fireplaces, start inspecting the wood pieces before bringing them indoors. Pests such as ants and termites may be crawling on the wood, and it would not be ideal to bring them inside. Additionally, timber stored outdoors should be placed in a location that's away from the house.

While on the topic of bringing pests into the house, the fall season has a handful of holidays and celebrations that inspire us to get festive and decorate the exterior of our homes and lawns. Before packing up the decorations and bringing them back inside, do a quick inspection of each decorative piece to ensure there aren't any pests that could hitch a ride into your home. Pests can set up shop in the most unsuspecting places; elaborate decorations might've offered some temporary refuge for insects, rodents, and other small critters.

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