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Kness Expands Pest Control Offerings with Remote Monitoring System

KritterSenseALBIA, IA (September 20, 2019) - Iowa-based pest control product manufacturer Kness Mfg. Co., Inc. is excited to announce the launch of KritterSense™, an innovative technology that is designed to monitor and analyze trap activity. The device is geared toward pest and wildlife control companies; aiding in the placement and effectiveness of traps.

KritterSense allows users to take pest management to a higher level, with a sure-fire trigger magnetic sensor monitor to evaluate trap’s state and a motion sensor to track pest activity. Trap activity is synced to an app that allows for live monitoring of the trap status. The remote monitoring system transmits data in real-time and can track multiple trap locations throughout a site — allowing pest control professionals to have valuable trap information all in one place. As a simple attachment, KritterSense can be added to a variety of Kness products, including snap traps, multi traps, and live traps.

This product is built to last, with a durable, weather-sealed design that protects inner components from the elements. Up to three years of battery life and user-friendly software makes for easy, hassle-free trap monitoring. It is also simple and advantageous from a business standpoint, as the end-user owns all data collected.

Data gathered from KritterSense can be generated into reports for pest professionals, featuring helpful statistics like the number of deployed devices, success rates, time and location of trapping, and more. Real-time data means users are notified when traps are triggered, bait expires, and pest activity is nearby.

“We are happy to be able to offer this advanced technology to our pest and wildlife control customers,” Kathy Wauson, president of Kness. “KritterSense works well with our full lineup of rodent and small animal traps, and will be a great tool for efficient pest control.”

More information about the KritterSense remote monitoring system and the full line of Kness pest defense solutions can be found by browsing the Kness website.