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Kness Gives Hope and Independence To Those With Special Needs

Kness PartnershipAlbia, IA (April 30, 2019) - Kness Manufacturing, an Iowa-based pest defense products manufacturer, continues to form strong relationships with various vocational rehabilitation centers throughout Southern Iowa. These programs help those that face challenges with disabilities gain work skills and independence through employment. Currently, Kness is working with three organizations: Tenco Industries, Ragtime Industries, and The Well Resource Center.

The goal of the partnership is to help the organizations’ clients learn new skills and be able to support themselves. Also, opportunities like this one help those facing challenges with disabilities to grow as a person and be a part of the community. By providing work experience to the program participants, they can then go out and gain employment offsite knowing they are equipped with valuable skills and a new sense of confidence.

“We cherish our partnerships with the local vocational centers,” said Kathy Wauson, President of Kness. “When those facing disabilities succeed and grow, growth in the community follows suit.”

Kness has been collaborating with Tenco and Ragtime for over a decade. The Well Resource Center is Kness’s newest partner, with the partnership forming in 2019. These groups subcontract work with Kness. Vocational clients assemble Kness products such as the Snap-E ® Mousetrap, Big Snap-E ® Rat Trap, and package Stick-All ® Glueboards.

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