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Kness Has You Covered For Spring Pest Prevention

Spring Pest: Fly - Rodent - SpiderSpring finally brings along warmer weather and the chance to clean around the house after a long winter. However, you are not the only one looking for a fresh start during spring. Pests emerge with the change in seasons searching for food and shelter. Houses can provide an easy opportunity for pests to survive and thrive. Here we will cover different steps you can take to help prevent common spring pests like insects and rodents from entering your home. Also, we will explore how Kness Pest Defense products can help you catch, trap, and deter these pests.


Insects are some of the most relentless pests. Common spring insects are ants, flies, and spiders. Kness products, along with preventative preparation, can help relieve the stress and worry of insects getting into your home or property.

Ants are known to infest areas of the home that provide easy access to food and water, such as the kitchen or living room. Discourage ants from invading these spaces by regularly cleaning up food crumbs and liquid residue. Make sure to wipe down counters and tables. Also, move appliances out to sweep and vacuum any food waste that might’ve fallen behind the appliances. Another way to prevent ants from coming inside is by going after the source, the ant colony. Kness Ants-No-More® Ant Bait Station works by simply placing the station wherever ants are causing problems. Ants will enter the ant bait station and take the bait back to their colony (bait not included).

Flies can quickly become a problem around the home. Before placing mesh screens back on your windows for the season, make sure to check the screens for holes. Screen mesh repair kits can usually be found at hardware stores. Seal any gaps in windows and doors with weather stripping, and make sure to keep your home clean. Remove trash regularly and keep kitchen counters clear of food waste. If you are dealing with an indoor or outdoor fly infestation, use the Kness Flies-No-More® Solar Trap to help eliminate the problem. Flies-No-More is a custom designed fly trap that features a solar-powered LED light attractant and a banana-scented glue board that is easily replaceable.

Spiders generally hide in the dark, secluded areas of homes. They are usually found in closets, basements, attics, room corners, and underneath furniture. These insects often enter homes through small cracks and crevices in the foundation or through gaps around windows and doors. It is a good idea to check these points of entry and seal them with weather stripping or silicone-based caulk. Get rid of spiders in the home with Kness Stick-All® Glue Traps. Stick-All is a safe, easy, and sanitary way to catch insects.


Mice can easily adapt to live year-round in homes. Once mice become established in a home, they can cause major damage and contamination. Make sure to check your house for gaps or openings, mice can fit through an opening the size of a dime. Use silicone-based caulk to seal up any exposed areas around the property. Limit the number of hiding places for mice by getting rid of clutter and not storing items in cardboard boxes. If you find evidence of mice in your home or property, Kness offers many solutions. For live capture traps, Kness has the reliable Ketch-All® Multiple Catch Mousetrap, Pro-Ketch® Multiple Catch Mousetrap, Tip-Trap® Live Capture Mousetrap, and Snap-E® Mousetrap.

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